It’s your story…
…we’ll help you tell it.

Imagine yourself on the Embassy Theatre stage. Feel the warm lights on your face. See the delighted audience as they watch you act and sing. Hear the music swell around you. Be the energy of the story that envelops the room.

It’s all yours. You create the story, write the script, play the music, design the costumes and sets.

Welcome to SCORE! a musical theater workshop in the Embassy led by specially trained teachers and theater professionals. During SCORE! you will act, write the script, create the music and design the set, work on marketing, public relations and more.

Take a look at these young artists:

We are inviting you, middle school students, to join in this adventure!


Days: July 10-29, 2017
Location: Embassy Theatre, 125 W. Jefferson Blvd., Fort Wayne, IN 46802
Program Time: 8:30 a.m. – 4 p.m. *We will accommodate working parents’ schedules
Lunch: Students bring meal
Cost: $550 regular registration until May 20, 2017 or until capacity is reached.
Download registration form here.
Financial assistance form here
Scholarships are available for first time participants
Final Performance: July 30, 2017

Students will work with a professional stage director and educators.

  • Matthew Reeder, Ensemble member of Adventure Stage Chicago and on the faculty of Ball State Univeristy, Muncie, IN.
  • Sue Caudill, music specialist at Deer Ridge Elementary School who is trained in Creating Opera with Children at the Metropolitan Opera in New York City
  • Fernando Tarango – Local performer and producer
  • Rebecca Reeder, who has more than 27 years of experience teaching gifted elementary students and is currently the Embassy Theatre’s Education Manager.

Excerpt from SCORE blog:
“Day 9, 2013
The Next Generation Theatre Company files out of the theater, arms about each other, singing, “Lean on Me,” at the top of their lungs. 2 minutes prior, they were all gathered around the piano, hearing the first draft of a self-composed song. Many of these kids have never stepped on stage until a week ago.
Lean on me, indeed.
I love these kids.
I love the arts.
—-Matthew Reeder, Artistic Director”

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